Ruskington Vagabond

"I went to see Lucy and Oliver on the 5th July to view the Ruskington Ulysses. As soon as I saw him I fell in love. Lucy and Oliver were very welcoming and friendly. They answered all my questions with complete honestly. There was certainly no pressure from either of them at any point. I decided there and then he was the boy for me. I subsequently visited them each week for the 2 weeks whilst I awaited his arrival. Lucy and Oliver were totally accommodating each week. They took the time to spend it with us whilst we visited, I took my children (and other family members) with no quibble from Lucy or Oliver. They assisted me with his castration arranging the transport to, from the vets and finally to me. We kept in constant contact regarding his recovery with photos as well. Absolutely nothing was too much trouble for them. Now I have my beautiful, perfect horse with me “Henry” or King Henry as I like to call him. He is everything they described and more. He’s settled in so wonderfully without a scrap of trouble. Thank you Lucy and Oliver, we will 100% keep in touch with you and tell you of our adventures, big and small. You have given me the best birthday present I could have gotten for myself. You guys are amazing, keep doing what you’re doing. You produce the most amazing horses. I would recommend you 1000%."

"Being somewhat nervous about buying a horse unseen from such a distance,but they explained fully about the horse I wanted to buy,any questions I had where answered straight away. It was wonderful that they where so keen to know more about me,and my background ensuring that I had selected the right horse for me,and showing that the horses go to the best homes,which inturn just showed how much they care about the animals they breed.
They helped me to arrange transport by providing a company they had used before and the transport was amazing. He arrived,and he was better than described!!! Such an amazing,sweet natured colt with the best manners,we have done loads with him in the week hes been home,and hes not battered and eye at anything,taken everything in his stride.
These people are honest,caring horsemen and women. They say it as it is which just provides more reassurance and trust. If I had room for more,I would definitely be back for another"


Ruskington Ulysses

Ruskington Vagabond


"Highly recommend I bought my lovely 9 month old filly from them, very fast answering messages, polite and the filly’s everything they said she was, very happy"

"Honestly we are all in love with him so much mum loves him so much and laughs at how affectionate he is lol she couldn't sweep the yard without him by her side"


"He's been amazing had our first little ride down the drive way and he loved it"

"He's doing really well at the minute, my sister has been schooling him and is going to start jumping"

Ruskington Vesper

Ruskington Oboe

"I recommend Ruskington Shire Stud. We recently bought a shire in foal last year, Lucy and her family were so welcoming and knowledgeable for what I was looking for. Four weeks ago we welcomed our foal, both are doing really well. Lucy and her dad have been amazing and supportive post sale. I then went on to complete my 'horsey family' when I purchased Kamose. He's settled well and is a future driving and pleasure riding horse"

Ruskington Pixie and Hales Kamose


"This horse is my <3"

"The whole family love him. We were just saying tonight it feels like we've had him forever. He has fitted in so well. He comes in for a groom everyday, he is so kind and loving, he has such a lovely temperament."

"I absolutely adore him"

"Thank you Lucy from Ruskington Shire Stud for all of your advice."


"She has been a super star, picked feet out, had a good brush and walked her out, very well behaved. She had a good look but was pretty chilled with everything."

"You have done amazing with her, she is so lovely and so kind and gentle"

Ruskington Unique

Ruskingtion Black Pearl

 "Thanks to Oliver Chaffey and Lucy Blakey for this wonderful handsome boy"


"Thank you for all the work you put into them to get them ready for us, we will love them and give them the best home possible."


"He is Devine!!! We love everything about him. You all did a fabulous job. Thank you"


Ruskington Skyfall and Ruskington Solace

Hartcliff Bronson